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Vital Force Technology

VFT has synthesized modern quantum physics through formidable barriers making it possible to create stable and repeatable structural EM frequency patterns that are highly effective for many purposes.

VFT is a three-stage process comprised of (1) a white noise plasma-based generator and a specially designed set of filters to select the desired modulation frequency patterns, (we call them simply VFT patterns or VFT formulas), (2) computer storage of digitized patterns, (3) infusion of the amplified patterns into commonly used materials.

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Vital Force Technology (VFT) is a unique innovative process, which delivers high-performance VFT frequency patterns with the possibilities to be applied in global markets such as agriculture, metals/jewelry, environmental care, fragrances/cosmetics, animal care, and nutritional products.

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What We Do

The Vital Force Technology (VFT) gives new properties to commonly used materials such as liquids, crystals, and other solids without changing their chemical compositions or physical structures. 

The professional facilities and infusion services provided by Vital Force Technology are backed by more than 20 years of scientific research and studies.

Environmental Protection

VFT research -

Effects of cell phone radiation on the brain.

Effects of energetic environmental pollution on human healing processes.

Agricultural Approach

Several experiments with different VFT structural water frequency patterns have demonstrated its potential use to enhance seed germination rates as well as the stimulation of crop formation and growth.

Beverage Industry

Methods used in the scientific testing of structural water solutions included Raman Spectroscopy, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Heart Rate Variability, and others.

Future Of Nutrition

Experimental data suggests that the scale of VFT technology is nearly unlimited in enhancing nutritional products that help people maintain physical and mental health, longevity, and well-being. 

Animal Care

An in vitro study of the Vital Force Formula Stress Relief. A pilot study of the VFT patterns on the effect of the somatic cell count in a herd of cows and on the influence on the onset of scours in newborn calves.

Services Benefits

VFT can help take your product to the next level of effectiveness, further increasing consumer demand, as well as brand loyalty. The infusion process utilizes customized formulas that will potentiate ingredients to increase the speed of ingredient interaction and improve the uniqueness of the formula or product.

 Our Story

About Us

Vital Force Technology (VFT) has been working with researchers, manufacturers, and healthcare practitioners worldwide, using the power of our cutting-edge infusion process on a wide range of materials/substances. VFT can generate, store, reproduce and infuse frequency patterns, many of which have been experimentally tested with positive effects observed on humans, animals, plants, cells health, and even on gene activity.

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