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VFT -Enhancing seed germination rates

Experiments with wheat, pinto, and carrot seeds were conducted by Dr. W.C. Levengood following standard procedures for germination research at the Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory in Wolf Lake MI. The water used for the seed germination was altered by specific VFT frequency patterns. Compared with the control water (no VFT imprint) the structural water produced significant changes in seedling germination and development ranging from +77% to –34.

VFT -Enhancing old seed germination rates

Other experiments were conducted at the Oregon State University’s’ Seed Laboratory in Corvallis, Oregon. For this experiment, rice and onion seeds were divided into five groups and watered with structured water frequency pattern diluted with unprocessed water in different proportions. The highest outcomes for the seeds’ germination, both for rice and onion, were detected with a concentration of 0.1 %.

Wheat Field


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