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Innovation in Animal Care

An in vitro study of the Vital Force Formula Stress Relief


Experiments on mice demonstrated that animals drinking water containing the frequency pattern of Stress Relief were dramatically less affected by stress conditions than those of the control group. Statistically significant data was observed in the areas of maximal walking distance, speed, and fast movement episodes, as well as central zone crossing activity compared with the control group of mice under a standard Open Field test.

A pilot study of the VFT patterns on the effect of the somatic cell count in a herd of cows and on the influence on the onset of scours in newborn calves


A pilot study using a specific VFT frequency pattern in a teat dip showed the ability to reduce the somatic cell count in a conventional herd under winter field conditions. Test of a specific Vital Force frequency pattern for the treatment of scours in calves demonstrated the ability to increase the speed of recovery and showed it to be a potential preventative agent in helping avert the onset of scours in newborn calves.  

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