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Our Research

Agricultural R&D

VFT for enhancing seed germination rates

VFT for enhancing old seed germination rates

Environmental R&D

Effects of energetic pollution on healing processes

Effects of cell phone radiation on the brain

Experiments on the Effects of Subtle Energy on the Electro-Magnetic Field

Pilot Experimental Trials

Heart Rate Variability testing  

VFT formula Master Brain and its’ effect on the brain

VFT patterns influence on the electrical brain activity

The Use of VTF Patterns in Dentistry presenting with Endocrinological Problems

Math and Spelling Test Scores Boosted Significantly

Pilot Test on ETI’s Anti-Aging Formula

VFT Targeted Infusing Method in a Study Investigating Acupuncture Stimulation

Structural Water & Beverages Data

Structured water experiments

Pilot study - effects on functional drinks

Vitro & Vivo Research

An in vitro study of the Vital Force formula Stress Relief

VFT patterns for prevention of abnormal cells development

VF Formulas Increase Human Dermal Fibroblast Cellular Growth Rates

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