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VFT helps humanity to increase adaptation to new environmental challenges
VFT research - Effects of energetic environmental pollution on human healing processes

Energetic environmental pollution or “dirty energy” harms the health and wellness of living things. Dirty energy is essentially invisible environmental pollution caused by different sources including electronic, human, animal, and geophysical. The study at U.C. Irvine conducted by Joie Jones in collaboration with Vital Force Technology focused specifically on how “dirty energy” within an environment affects the healing process.

VFT research – Effects of cell phone radiation on the brain

A study conducted at the Center for Cognitive Enhancement in Glendale, Arizona, by Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin, PhD, employed brain mapping tools to measure the effects on the brain during mobile phone use with and without the VFT pattern EMF Transformer. It was shown that the EMF Transformer pattern improves the functioning of the brain being affected by the radiation from cell phones.

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