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Vital ForceTechnology (VFT)

1. What is VFT?


Vital Force Technology™ is a research and development arm of Energy Tools International LLC (ETI) that innovates and maintains the technology behind ETI’s products. In addition, VFT is responsible for the technology implementation in environment, agriculture, animal care and others.

2. How are the VFT frequency patterns generated?

VFT is a three-stage process comprised of (1) a white noise plasma-based generator and a specially designed set of filters to select the desired modulation frequency patterns, (we call them simply VFT patterns or VFT formulas), (2) computer storage of digitized patterns, (3) infusion of the amplified patterns into commonly used materials.

3. What are the most common materials used for infusion?


The most common used materials are liquids, solids, and powders. We found that all organic and inorganic substances including crystals can keep and carry these frequency patterns for a long time. Concentrated trace minerals and crystals are especially good for this purpose.

4. Is storing VFT patterns like storing files in a computer?

It is similar, but a more complex process. The file can be transferred and stored as a regular computer file. However, when opened it contains signal noise only.

5. Is it possible to measure the effect of the VFT patterns on humans?

Yes. It can be registered with various equipment like brain mapping equipment, biofeedback machines, galvanic skin response, acupuncture meridian measuring devices, heart rate variability measuring devices, and more.

6. Can you use the same frequency formula for things other than what it was developed for?

If used for new products, the frequency formula should be tested for efficiency and compatibility.

7. Do you open the original products for the infusing process?

The Vital Force infusing process does not require us to open containers, which allows us to maintain the integrity of the product. We can infuse products in plastic containers, plastic bags, cardboard, or plastic shipping barrels and glass. Foil and aluminum containers can’t be used.

8. How long does the infusing frequency last?

Once infused, it does not diminish, unless heated close to the materials' phase transition points. For example, structured water will be stable until 170-180 °F.

9. How are VFT products and services distributed?

All products and services are sold via VFT’s distribution company “Energy Tools International, LLC”

10. Having so much evidence regarding the effectiveness and importance of these energy patterns, what is the problem with presenting that evidence to conventional science?

In the areas of biology and psychology, where the energetic effect of frequency patterns is the most profound, the god of modern science is statistics. We don’t yet have the network required for accumulating statistical proof, but we have more and more health professionals participating in the research, and we hope to find and develop funds and support for that.

11. What is the body’s energy system?

The energy system is made up of energy centers and energy channels (called chakras and meridians in Traditional Oriental Medicine) through which the energy flows.

12. How does the body’s energy system work?

The energy system works like the “software” of the body. In other words, it is the “operating program” which provides the energetic instructions for all the biological, chemical, and psychological processes of the body. Balancing and regulating the energy system is essential for maintaining health.

13. What happens when the body’s energy system is disrupted?

The energy system is like a highway. When the energy becomes unbalanced or stops flowing, illness and disease result. Trauma, like an accident on the highway can cause the whole energy system to become blocked up.

14. How do VFT formulas work?

It is speculated, that the specific frequency signaling from VFT formulas is picked up by specialized “subtle” receptors in the body and translated into the information necessary for all biological processes.

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