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Our Benefits

With the VFT process the following benefits can be achieved: positioning products ahead of their competition while offering a point of differentiation that simply cannot be copied:

  • Reduction of production costs, as the concentration of the key and most expensive ingredients, can be reduced without sacrificing their effectiveness and perceived benefits

  • Increase the functional specter of any existing products or even reformulate their functional designation without modifying their biochemical composition

  • Enhanced benefits of existing products by adding structural frequency patterns derived from rare, expensive, and/or hard-to-find ingredients.

  • Improved and stabilized (batch-to-batch) qualities of any product by infusing the structural blueprint of its ingredients into it

  • Synergistically increased efficacy of the product’s bioactive ingredients without changing their biochemical profile -- for example, by accelerating the drink’s impact and by making it last longer in the body

  • Creation of new products, while minimizing the concentration of potentially health-agitating ingredients (like sugar, caffeine, etc.) that, otherwise, may raise concerns of regulatory agencies and consumers.

Our Process

Exploration Phase - In the initial consultation we will discuss the nature of your product and your objectives to determine whether you are looking to enhance or reduce ingredients, desired result, and possible formulation.

Research Phase – Samples to be tested for the desired outcome.

Production Phase - Infusion and delivery of the final product.

The Vital Force infusing process does not require us to open containers, which allows us to maintain the integrity of the product. We can infuse products in plastic containers, plastic bags, cardboard, or plastic shipping barrels and glass. Foil and aluminum containers can’t be used.

Collaboration Offer

VFT is seeking to collaboratively create new and innovative products, as well as modify existing products with specific enhancements without changing their biochemical composition.

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