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VFT for the next generation of functional drinks

Structured Water Experiments


Methods used in the scientific testing of VFT structural water frequency patterns included Raman Spectroscopy, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Heart Rate Variability, and others. Experiments have proven that several drops of structured water frequency patterns transfer its structure and healing properties to a volume of water 200 and even 400 times larger.

Approach to Beverage Market


Create the next generation of functional drinks by infusing scientifically proven VFT frequency patterns into beverages or their ingredients to produce new qualities, eliminating or reducing a time product development phase, reducing production cost, and/or increasing the functional specter of any existing beverages. This is fact-based on water, structured via the VFT process, inheriting biological effects specific to the corresponding structured water frequency pattern, and then being transferred into the body once the water or beverage is consumed

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